Organizational Leaders

Trinity Leadership Team for 2021

Effective January 1, 2021

Board of Trustees
Sue Lee
Mark Rich
Nick Overbay
Mike Brewer
Mark Hurley

Committee on Pastor/Staff-Parish Relations
Mike Cutshaw – Pastor
Greg Morelock – Lay Leader
Robert Allen – Lay Member to Annual Conference
Linda Cantwell
Jody Wigington
Carrie Nail

Church Leadership Council Chair – Brack Terry

Church Leadership Vice-Chair – Earl Cameron

Church Leadership At Large Member – JP Hall

United Methodist Women Rep. – Kim Cole
United Methodist Men President –
Stan Harville
United Methodist Youth President –
Emma Bowen

Disaster Response Coordinator — Greg Rines

Holston Home Ambassador – Greg Morelock

Sunday School Superintendent — Greg Rines

Prayer Advocate – Barbara Bishop

Older Adult Ministries – Betty Golden

Alternate Lay Member to Conf. – Patti Allen

Camping Advocate – Kathy Hodge

Certified Lay Servants
Patti Allen – Betty Golden
Tammy Seals – Greg Morelock
Kim Cole – Stan Harville – Mark Rich

Certified Lay Ministers
John Allen – Don Wilson

Certified Lay Speaker
Greg Morelock

Committee on Finance
Earl Cameron – Chair
Eric Delay – Vice-Chair
Mike Cutshaw – Pastor
Robert Allen – Lay Member to AC
Brack Terry – Church Council/Ad. Board Chair
Jody Wigington — Pastor-Parish Chair
Mike Brewer– Trustees Chair
Greg Morelock – Lay Leader
Leigh Ann Allen – Treasurer – elected
Christine Coley* – Treasurer – paid staff
Vickie Cameron – Financial Secretary

Committee on Nominations and Leadership
Mike Cutshaw – Pastor – Chair
Greg Morelock – Lay Leader
Robert Allen – Lay Member to Annual Conference
Sherry Delay
Kristy Lacy
Gary Cole

Youth Ministry Team
Mike Cutshaw – Pastor
Erin Moore
Greg Morelock – Lay Leader
Doris Burton
Dawn Rines
Lori Short

Children’s Ministry Team
Jana Terry – Chair
Joan Greene
Jaime Greene
Mike Cutshaw – Pastor
Greg Morelock – Lay Leader

Nursery Staff Brenda Cutshaw-Kayla McDavid

Randy Greene – Larry Vaughn
Brandon Tilley – Shirley Vaughn
Richard McCollough – Robert Allen

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