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TRINITY KIDZ – Special Programs for special kids

We offer many special programs for our children.  We plan seasonal parties, Vacation Bible School, special events, community events and many opportunities for fun and fellowship for our children and families.  A nurturing, Christian environment where our kids can grow and learn about Jesus Christ.


Pioneer Clubs is our midweek program where we offer Bible Study to all ages of children and have 5 small groups that meet. We are especially proud of our Nursery and Toddler groups and our 4th and 5th grade “tween” groups.  We also have a wonderful children’s choir, Joyful Noize, that meets on Wednesday nights too.  All programming starts at 5:15 pm with an affordable family meal and then children’s choir meets at 6:15pm and Bible study is from 6:30-7:15pm.  Bring your whole family for fellowship and worship.



To define who we are and what we have to do as a Children’s Ministry at Trinity adopt the following purpose statement.

“To see children come to KNOW
Jesus Christ as Savior, to GROW as members of God’s Family,
And to GO in service to our Lord.”

This can be summarized with the three words:KNOW, GROW, and GO. We seek to design our ministries as a whole to address all of these areas, with different ministries emphasizing different aspects.

Programs are to be designed primarily around KNOW, with emphasis on making sure  that children have opportunities to learn of God’s love for them and His plan for their salvation, all in a fun and exciting way. Ministry events also should follow the above KNOW; for example, events that seek to introduce Jesus to those with little or no church background, events designed to help children make salvation decisions for Jesus.

To encourage our children to GROW in God’s family, we offer many opportunities.  Growing in Jesus through learning God’s Word, worship and prayer.  Intentional study of the Word, worship, and prayer.  Children also will use music to learn how to praise God.


While some people believe that a person needs to be a teen or older to be of service in the church, it is our belief that children are quite capable of serving God in very significant ways while still young.

Suggestions for implementing children in service in church; Lead prayer, music, acolyting, assist teachers, ushering, greeting, prayer partners, (learning the value of interceding to God on behalf of the church) Mission and be in direct involvement with church wide mission trips, and home mission projects. As well as community outreach and evangelism with a hands on approach. So they can GO in service to our Lord.

While our purpose statement of KNOW, GROW, and GO tells us where we are headed, our Values statement gives us a guide as to how to get there.

Value Statement
Our top value is life change-making both the children in our ministries and adults who work with them more like Jesus. Ultimately touching the lives of children, families, and church.

To best accomplish this, we seek to build relationships on the foundation of Jesus Christ, with blocks of prayer, application of Scriptural truths, outreach, and support of the family.

We seek 9 keys in connecting these relationships between the adult workers and the children to genuine life change. These include:

Excellence      • Integrity        • Prayer            • Fellowship
• Creativity          • Love            • Teamwork       • Fun

Our values are the same values that Jesus Christ had when He told His Disciples to allow the little children to come unto Him.

We value children and want to see them learn to love the Lord God because He loves them.  We value the study of God’s Word. We want the children to become strong “trees” with deep “roots” in God’s Word bearing much “fruit.”  We value the power of prayer in the lives of the children. We know that God moves when people pray.  We value serving others and make opportunities for children to invite friends to church and to share their love for God with others.

God’s values are our goals and we pray that the Children’s Ministries of Trinity United Methodist Church will reflect Jesus in every part of our ministry.











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