Youth Ministry

Narrow Path Youth Ministries

Narrow Path Youth Ministries is a diverse group of Middle School and High School students who are dedicated in their path with God.  They invite you to join the fun, and sometimes madness, as they walk along their narrow path.


Since we are a ministry mainly composed of teenagers, Discipleship is our main focus. Students are taught in practical ways how to live out their faith, and they are challenged to do so. We study what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and why this is the best decision that anyone can make. We also emphasize the importance of making that decision one’s own, embracing God genuinely, and serving Him daily.


In Narrow Path Youth Ministries, Worship is demonstrated as a lifestyle, instead of a singular event during the week. We learn about God and how to appreciate His worth on a daily basis through being involved in worship with our church family, worship hikes and excursions, prayer and meditation, and studying what the bible says about how to acknowledge God for His goodness and grace.


Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meeting the needs of others are also very important to us. We witness to others through random acts of kindness, visitations, mission trips, backyard bible clubs, and ministries to children in our community. Also, each youth member is strongly encouraged to find an area of service in the church in which to serve God and humanity.


Students and youth leaders take part in several activities each month that emphasize community-building among those in the youth group. Weekly snack suppers, small group activities, and a monthly group activity are fundamental components in our youth ministry.


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